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Consulting Services:

CTA provides consulting services to companies in the chauffeured transportation industry. Our engagement can be for specific projects or on a holistic basis for overall enterprise evaluation and improvement. In either case we start with a written situational analysis with agreed upon goals and objectives for the scope and duration of our services.

Today in the business world the word “Consulting” can be a broad term with many meanings and outcomes. In our case, CTA uses a proprietary methodology to work with ownership, management and employees of chauffeured transportation companies to measure current performance in key areas, identify operational impediments and map out a plan to achieve mutually agreed upon goals. Working with specific stakeholders a comprehensive written plan is created to pinpoint solutions that are tangible and long term. Typically our projects conclude with a written body of work that the organization can use moving forward to implement all recommendations.

Our consulting services can be engaged on a per project basis or by retainer on an exclusive basis in a given geography to avoid conflict with other operators or organizations. The goal of all CTA consulting activity is to improve the production, performance, profitability and enterprise value of the companies that engage our services.

Areas of Focus: Sales and Marketing

  • Business Branding
  • Sales Planning
  • Reservations Sales Training
  • Community Service Training
  • Business Plan Creation / Review
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Data Base Marketing Training
  • Group Marketing Training
  • Marketing Plan Creation
  • Account Manager /Sales Training
  • Public Relations Marketing

Areas of Focus: Customer Service / Service Delivery / Operations Processes:

  • Chauffeur Training Program
  • Key Business Indicator Analysis
  • Production Possibility Analysis
  • Operational Process Improvement
  • Internal Performance Auditing
  • Trip Performance Audits
  • Budget/Forecasting
  • Inventory Utilization Improvement
  • Customer Service Auditing
  • Personnel Hiring / Review
  • Building Enterprise Value
  • Strategic Growth Planning

Training and Development Programs

CTA has authored a variety of books, training programs and business development briefs that will assist chauffeured transportation companies improve sales, marketing, staffing and operations.

Training Manuals include:

  • Chauffeur Training Manual and Visual Presentation
  • Marketing Plan Manual Template and Tutorial
  • Sales Training Manual Template and Tutorial
  • Employee Manual Template and Tutorial

Seminars & Workshops

CTA can be engaged to provide seminars and workshops to individual companies, small groups or associations of operators for one day or intensive three day workshops on various subjects.