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Drive Your Income

The consummate “How To” for people who want to earn more income as a Professional Chauffeur. This publication shares all the elements necessary to be the best chauffeur in today’s environment and teaches fine details that will help even the most seasoned and experienced chauffeur earn extra gratuity and guarantee client loyalty.

Building an Enduring Brand

Your brand is your most important asset along with your staff and vehicles. But unlike even the best employee or any vehicle, the value of an enduring brand cannot easily be replaced. This publication teaches the importance of consistent and methodical brand building the way Pros do. Build your Brand to increase enterprise value, grow and prosper.

Being a Business Stand Out

The subtitle of this book says it all “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to long term success thru shameless self promotion”. This publication will give even an accomplished small to medium size business owner or sales professional techniques to succeed by standing out in your field, territory and well above competitors.